Quality at the service of measurements

Ever since its start-up, SERES environnement has continually improved and developed the quality of its services, with a very precise objective:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • To study and propose solutions perfectly adapted to ever changing customer requirements

For SERES environnement, expert in environmental analysis, quality is its motto. Rules and procedures are defined for all levels, from the design stage through to production, sales and finally the after-sales service.

In addition to this quality system, its highly technological field of monitoring requires the greatest attention to be paid not only to the skills and qualification of its staff but also to their safety.

Attentive to safety management, SERES environnement is in the process of obtaining “Mase” certification (Safety Improvement Company Manual)


In order to guarantee the reliability of its equipment, SERES environnement has over the years equipped itself with state-of-the-art technology for the internal evaluation of its analysers. Today we are equipped with:

  • a chemistry lab
  • a laboratory for air metrology
  • a temperature room
  • a wet gas generator

Throughout all the stages, from design to production, these facilities allow us to ensure the perfect functioning of our analysers which are sometimes used in extreme conditions.

In parallel, SERES environnement works with national and international laboratories to obtain the necessary certifications to guarantee that our analysers are conform to European and international standards.

Within this framework, we have already obtained or are in the process of obtaining the following certifications:

For our air analyzers


  • EPA Certification
  • TüV Certification
  • MCERT Certification
  • EN14181(QAL1) Certification
  • INERIS Evaluation


For our water analyzers


  • KWQMS Certification (South Korea)
  • SBTS Certification (China)
  • GOST Certification (Russia)




  • ATEX Certification
  • ISO 9001-2015 Certification
  • MASE Certification