Turbidity measurement in water.


Turbidity – Medium & High Ranges.


The TURBISONDE is the solution for the continuous measurement of strong turbidities in water.
Its outstanding performances are the result of the well known nephelometric method combined with an immersable probe using a patented ultrasonic cleaning system. This means : no wearing part, no maintenance of the sensor.

This innovative concept allows measurement in rough environment and conditions.


Main features

  • IR measurement method by nephelometry, light diffusion at 90 degrees
  • Ranges : 0 – 2000 NTU or 0 – 4000 mg/l, user configurable.
  • A single transmitter for 1 or 2 streams.
  • Probe immersable up to 1 bar.
  • No fouling due to an automatic cleaning system using ultra-sounds ( SERES environnement patent).
  • Manual calibration (2 points).

  • Applications

  • Inlet and outlet of waste water treatment plants.
  • Activated or recirculation sludge tanks, clarifiers.
  • Sewerage network.
  • Raw waste water from industries (paper mills, etc.)
  • Surface water.