Pautbac II


Automatic Drainage of Water in Bottom of Oil Storage Tanks


  •  Water / Oil Interface (crude oils, intermediate and refined products, oil / water emulsions, …)


The PAUTBAC was designed to automatize the drainage of water accumulating in the lower part of petroleum products storage tanks.

This simple and robust equipment demonstrate most interesting features such as :

  • sequential control of 1 to 5 tanks / purge valves with 1 single electronic cabinet / 1 single capacitive probe,
  • automatic, unattended operation in a harsh environment and in dangerous area.
  • remote installation of the electronic cabinet, in safe area, measuring chamber with its capacitive probe mounted at the bottom of tank, at a distance of several hundreds meters and available in ATEX version,
  • suitable for potentially explosive atmospheres (DIR/2014/34/UE), certification LCIE 04 ATEX 6073, Ex d IIC T6,
  • high reliability and limited maintenance (self-cleaning capacitive probe, outside tank).

The main advantages of the PAUTBAC in its various applications (slop stations, petroleum & petrochemical industries, tank farms, oil storage bases,…) are : increased safety, improvement of nominal tank capacity, decrease of the hydrocarbons loss, protection of petroleum products from water bacterial degradation.

Some of our references worldwide (France, Slovakia, Brasil, Hungaria, Gabon, Dom Tom, …) : Total, BP, Petrobras, Mobil, Exxon, EDF, SIR, Atofina, Slovnaft, etc.


Please consult the brochure (download)