The control and optimization of industrial process using on-line measurements.
Our industrial sector covers all the systems designed to monitor an industrial process.
These systems are used to optimize industrial processes, using continuous, on-line measurements which favour curative maintenance and are therefore of interest to industrials with regards process management.


On-line analysis permits industrials to collect data continuously on key parameters in order to trace its process and optimize its output.
The monitoring of process water quality, such as cooling water, is standard. However, each industrial process has its own particularities.
For many years, SERES environnement has provided solutions to industrials’ needs, especially in the control and optimization of chlorine and soda factories:

  • Soda/Carbonate
  • Ca/Mg in brine
  • SO4, NH4 and chlorine in brine
  • Nitrogen trichloride used in the production and storage of chlorine
  • Other processes and parameters may also be studied.


    Government regulations and various environmental concerns have prompted companies to take steps to reduce gas emission and water pollution. SERES environnement contributes towards the analysis of these effluents and measures the levels of pollution discharged into the environment.